Meetings are a large component of public health, and the space where many of my artistic concepts emerged. My series, “Meeting Notes” began in meetings where I found myself listening and sketching. After a few years of meetings, I amassed over 300 unique drawings. The sketches, drawn somewhat subconsciously, resembled masks. I examined the concept of masks closer and in the process started to create large scale versions of the sketches. I primarily use painting and collage to recreate the sketches from my meetings. Through this process a revelation emerged; masks were traditionally used to conceal an identity, the mask can also be used to help myself and others communicate by illuminating and amplifying the unseen parts of who we are.

The mask is a map of our individual identity; each region highlighting a unique part of our persona through its design. The nature of the mask is rooted in and inspired by the tradition of our ancestors. It is a retrospective that helps us explore our beginnings in order to understand where and who we are now.