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We are about to begin the next phase of our creative journey.   I have recently been awarded an artist in residency award for Fall 2019 here in New Orleans. As some of you know I have worked for 6 years in public health as a health educator and more recently as a Disease Intervention Specialist. During these positions my time creating has been limited to the hours before and after work. Time is a factor in my growth as an artist. The residency enhances the time spent creating work and therefore has the potential to enhance the quality of work created. The residency provides insight as to what it can mean to be a full time practicing artist in my community. At the core of my professional goals is to bridge the gap between art and public health.

The residency will assist me in painting full time this fall so that through art I may tackle the state of mental health in New Orleans, painting its truths and possibilities. My plan to is to create a body of work titled, “State of Awareness”, to survey mental health in New Orleans through portraits, masks, landscapes and collage. The works I create will aim to explore the past, present, and future of mental health in the city. I intend to visually highlight what happens when people are deprived of mental health services, and how that impacts future generations. The pieces will investigate our city’s and our individual’s troubles and successes and provide a context for reconciling our ideas about mental health.

During my residency I plan to take 5 months off from my public health job to fully immerse myself in this creative endeavor. The award from the Foundation has gotten the ball rolling on this project. To keep it rolling, I have painted a collection of abstract paintings, portraits, etcs  that capture the energy of my creative spirit. Each abstract painting is a 18x24 inches and priced at only $250. I currently have 30 pieces available. If I sell them all, I will be halfway towards my goal of $15,000.

Let's start this journey by sharing my collection with your family and friends. If you are interested in a piece contact me via email at before online purchase. I promise that all support during this time will be rewarded. If you have questions you know where to find me.

Love to you all

Sean Gerard Clark

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